Project Background

The website is product page of SageFrame, which it has 56 pages in total with 6 sub domains i.e. forum,marketplace,blog,extension etc. The development was done on sageframe itself.


Interaction Design | Front-end Development

Interaction Design

we wanted visual design elements to be animated in meaningful and precise way. Here is short video showing home page on scroll.


Fron-end Development

Altogether 23 sageframe modules were implemented as per design requirements. Large modules were forum, marketplace and extension. While talking about responsive, All of the site pages are fully responsive ensured from 320px to 2500px. Here is a responsive block at home page.

To enhance performance/faster loading, font icons and optimised css were used, at the same time, best practices for front-end development were applied. Switching between each sub domains was much slow at first deploy. Then we used separate stylesheet for each sub domain, which obviously boosted site performance.